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If you have attended a class in the last week on the WSC college campus, there is no way that you could miss the construction site conveniently located in front of Connell Hall.
A construction company to remain nameless (Other than the name currently painted on all of their equipment on campus) worked over the summer on all of the campus beautification projects that took place. Unfortunately… somewhere along the way, we had a little accident.
A crane that was used on campus for the summer projects seemed to be just a little heavy to be rolling around out there. Our wonderfully green lawns on campus are meticulously maintained and watered with the help of an expansive sprinkler system. It is one of these underground pipes that this crane ruptured, and then gave way resulting in our Nebraskan Old Faithful.
The new concrete has been poured and life will soon return to normal. Oh… other than the now well worn paths from students on the very lawn these sprinklers were trying to preserve… Funny how that worked out

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So… Your Turning 21

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As you approach your 21st birthday Wayne State College would like to wish you a happy birthday in their own unique way. Cards and gifts are all too boring for WSC, and instead they would like to send a letter to your parents with a special message.
Your *”power hour” is dangerous to your health and could also become deadly.
Shocker… Consuming a flippin’ ton of alcohol could potentially kill you.
Every college student to my knowledge is aware of this groundbreaking discovery… Im sure that it has happened, but in Wayne, America? Doubt it… I hope that this letter does not make you think twice about going out on your 21st (and I’m confident it won’t).
Thanks for thinkin’ about us Wayne State, but next time… just send a card (you have my address).

*Power Hour: The night before your birthday, you go to the bar from 12 a.m. until close. Some variations include attempting taking 21 shots or one shot per minute for an hour.

Free Stuff!

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Whenever you see a title like this you can’t help but stop an read a second. WSC actually has some fairly modestly tuition rates for both in and out of state students, a large variety of programs and competitive athletics. But… none of these are actually free. If your looking for the utmost in bang for your buck on WSC campus there are two things that you need to take full advantage of.
1) Free printing in Conn Library. We all know that printing the 58 slides off the G Drive is much much easier than diligently paying attention in class and copying down an exhilarating power point word for word. This is a resource that every student should exploit to its fullest potential… Worried about going green? Thanks to handy printing settings, it automatically prints off front and back.
2) Free tutoring on campus. Although this is something that every student avoids like the plague, someday, most students just need a few questions answered. Nobody enjoys homework or studying for tests but in the event that you absolutely break down and need someone to point you in the right direction, the tutors are there, for free.
Free stuff is getting harder and harder to find these days, and every little bit helps.
Thanks WSC… Keep up the good work!

Walking to Class? Or Traveling Abroad?

October 8, 2010 1 comment

If I had to answer this question based solely on the baggage of WSC’s non-traditional (*Non-trads) the answer is surprisingly less than obvious. For some reason, unknown to the average WSC student, the campus non-trads overwhelmingly prefer a suitcase over a backpack.

We aren’t talking your average briefcase or oversize duffel here, these are a solid mid sized Samsonite piece of luggage equipped with the famous telescoping handle and annoying wheels. The all too familiar sound of these suitcases coasting up from behind you at an accelerated rate of speed is taking WSC and schools across the nation by storm.
So you want to sit in the front row? Fine. So you want to answer the instructor’s every rhetorical question? Fantastic. But we gotta ask, why can you not carry around just a normal everyday backpack. (We will even let you use that awkward clip that goes across your chest to ensure a sturdy load on your way up Connell hall steps).

So you think that a backpack is too heavy? Studies say that individuals can comfortably carry 15% of their body weight in their backpacks. You do the math.

Bottom line, non-trads are on to their wheelie luggage like a tourist to a fanny pack. If you’re looking to blend in on campus, avoid this rookie mistake and just strap up like the rest of us. Hell… we all know we only carry the flippin’ books to class cause we popped 200 bucks a piece on em anyways.

*Non-Trad: An old person returning to college to receive their undergrad degree

When’s Lunch?

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Even though we like to think that as we go off to college we will get to make more of our own decisions, anyone who has ever eaten on campus quickly comes to the realization that this is just not true. Now obviously we cannot expect that both the upper and lower gag be open 24/7, but I presume I’m not the only one that would like to see at least one change.

Many of us fork over the big bucks every year to eat less than mediocre food. I have come to accept this, but if I pay good money for these meals, why can’t I use them whenever the cafeteria is open? The lower gag is very convenient to have on campus and really great to visit in a pinch. However, when I am standing knee deep in a crowd of 50 kids standing in line at 12:22 p.m. because their meals don’t work for another 8 minutes is just ridiculous.

The main idea behind the lower gag is to offer a faster, easier eating option for students. I do believe that it is a great asset to our campus, but some of the fine print keeps it from rising to the top. I realize that this is not solely the responsibility of WSC, but also that of Chartwells. I do think that it is the place of WSC to mediate between the students and Chartwells to work out the minimal time differences that have such a heavy impact.

Classes get out at ten till the hour and a quarter after the hour. Simply moving the meal plan usage time to noon would drastically ease the massive traffic jam that plagues the lower gag. This is not tough stuff here.

Wayne State College, we love the effort… but really, think about it.

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Parking… A Clear Issue

October 3, 2010 1 comment

Right right right we know that this is no new issue. We have all experienced walking out to a chunk of gravel next to the hospital on a nice balmy January afternoon in Wayne. Every freshman pays their dues and parks in the boondocks for a couple semesters, but the problems don’t end there.

Unless you’re a socially awkward 7th year senior at WSC, you know that the sooner you move off campus the better. Now the real challenge begins. We all play the game of… parallel parking on 10th street, or watching people fail miserably at it for that matter, and clogging up every other street East of 6th St. Better yet, you are late for class and chance a “15 min. only” spot for your business class. (You know who you are out there). Honestly, neither of these options are ranking up there too high for anyone. With the amount of commuters, these parking lots and streets fill up early and clear out late. Campus security just loves to write notes to anyone who toes the line and just tries to get by.

Wayne State College, we love the effort… but really, think about it.

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New Look, New Problem

October 3, 2010 2 comments

A Love Hate Relationship

We have all seen the changes that have been developing around campus. I suppose we can finally say that we can see the results of some of our tuition money that we will be paying off for decades to come. On second thought, what is some of this crap? Campus beautification is never an issue (The native grass exhibit is for another post), and taking the road out of campus was really a great idea. (sorry auto shop kids, you can no longer get your projects into campus to work on them). But for the rest of us, it looks and feels so much more like a college campus and it is for this exact feel that we pay the price of functionality.

Conn Library, the destination for printing as many pages as you want for free and charge coffee to your meal plan, (they may also have a few books there as well) is the scene of one of the worst functional traffic flow designs on campus. What was once a large spacious court yard has now been reduced to set of concentric concrete circles. It looks awkward, no one knows or cares what it does, and causes a regular cluster f*** of students trying to get in and out of the building.

Wayne State College, we love the effort… but really, think about it.

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