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Parallel Parking- How tough is it?

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

If you have ever walked past one of the many side streets near campus or have a dorm room overlooking the street, you will see cars stacked up on the curb. Now most of these spots get filled one at a time in the morning hours, the earlier you come, the closer you park. But… if you have the privilege of a later class you may see an open spot and go for the apparently ever challenging parallel park. This one on one battle between parking space and driver is one that is fought in cities every day, but only in Wayne, America is it so lop sided.
We have never seen more parking issues in our lives than some of the amazing attempts that happen right here in Wayne. Only right here can you see a Ford F350 pull out of a spot only to have someone 12 point park their Dodge Neon. This may seem like an exaggeration, but let me assure you, its not. We have had our laughs for the day all too often watching someone throw their shoulder out from switching between reverse and drive too quickly.
Now even though we give these stunt driving hopefuls a hard time, the ultimate shame rests fully on the shoulders of the quitters. Not only do these drivers struggle for a good 5 minutes, but then they quickly look left and right and drive off.
We thought that this was covered in drivers education and had become a basic skill. Boy were we wrong. But hey… thanks for the live entertainment.

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