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Rookie Mistakes

Now this post is directed more towards new students, but the tips in here are necessities for all at WSC. Here are a couple key things to avoid.
8 a.m. classes- The majority of college students do not perform well during classes this early if they can even get their butts out of bed to attend. Professors almost always take attendance at these babies and from experience, its a killer. Also… If you take an early class, you will have an early final, possibly one on a Friday.
If you have ever been on campus on a Friday, it’s desolate. WSC is a major suitcase college and therefore the weekends are dead. Fact…with WSC, the weekend starts on Thursday. Try to schedule accordingly.
Think 10-1. This is the premium scheduling block for classes. The older you get, the better shot you have a scoring a seat in one of these coveted classes. If your an early riser or a night owl you can plan accordingly, but early mornings and nights in class get real old in a hurry. (Side note: Avoid TTH 2 p.m. classes, lets face it… naps will prevail and grades will falter.)
There are tricks of the trade to make it through any college unscathed, these are just a couple to get you started with a leg up on your future days as a Wildcat.

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