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Thanksgiving… Break?

I feel that the word break is not in the vocabulary of many WSC professors.
Time that is intended to be spent with family and giving yourself a quick reprieve before a couple weeks of finals cramming has now just turned into extended study time. I realize that as a student, learning is my full time job. This being said, I still feel that if you are given time off of work, this doesn’t mean that you should be punished during that free time.
Sure we all stuff ourselves and watch the Lions lose annually, but other than that, we find ourselves busting out pages upon pages of papers, pouring over text books, and cramming one last time. Wow… nothing like taking your mind off things for a few days huh?
In a few weeks, WSC and colleges across the nation will take part in what is known as “Dead Week.” This week before finals is supposedly free of homework, tests, and in most cases, class. Thats right… you are not supposed to attend classes during this week, but instead be studying for the ever looming final.
WSC apparently isin’t aware of how this works. Class? In session. Homework? most likely. And tests? If your lucky. While most college students are studying and preparing for that last push, we are left with a weekend and whatever time we can squeeze out of our normal schedules.
Just remember… there is no such thing as a break, and “Dead Week?”… not even close.

  1. December 27, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    It’s apparently everywhere now.

    I’m attending two different schools for college classes. One is UNO and the other is Bellevue University. Both of them are having classes, giving homework and a myrad of things during what is supposed to be Dead Week.

    Apparently Dead Week is officially DEAD for colleges around the country.

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