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Humans vs. Zombies

I can’t believe that this would be an issue on a college campus, but something this pathetic cannot be ignored. Maybe you have witnessed students wandering around campus with white armbands or white headbands or were like us and saw students dueling it out on the front steps of Connell Hall. This is no anti-war protest here… let us break it down for you.
If you are displaying a white armband you are considered a “human” (original right?) and have yet to be touched by a fellow student with a white headband or a “zombie”.
The object of this game is apparently to be the last human left “alive”… (If you don’t count the other 99% of students around you who find this as hilarious as we do.)
If you don’t want to be tagged by a “zombie”, you then must hit them with a wadded up sock to quote “stun them” for 15 min. A zombie must “feed” or tag someone every 48 hrs and the game continues until the last man alive has most likely barricaded themselves into a dorm room for the rest of the semester.
We don’t know which is more disturbing, the fact that someone has put together such an elaborate rules system? Or the fact that 20 something year old college kids are walking to class with a sock in their hand.
We remember kids running around shouting Harry Potter spells at each other was at least entertaining.
Just because Will Smith looked like a bad ass in “I Am Legend” defending the human race, lets be honest… running around with a balled up sock just doesn’t have the same effect. But hey…the student body of WSC thanks you for a good laugh.

  1. The Good Life Liberal
    October 26, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Ohh, this explains so much. I wondered what the hell that d-bag was doing earlier today when he came at me with wadded up sock. Also, am I really that pale or did my hair finally turn from taupe to white for him to think I was wearing a white headband?

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