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Saturday Game Day

“Any self-respecting campus gets started (partying for the football game on Saturday) on Thursday night” as heard on ESPN tonight.
We at WSC have no problem partying on Thursday nights, but our reasoning is somewhat different. Saturdays’ on campus are dead. For the homecoming game, there was decent attendance, but the atmosphere associated with a Saturday game is gone. It just doesn’t feel like college football.
There are several issues that I feel lead to this problem.
1) WSC is a dry campus. This rule is incredibly tough to change, but I propose somewhat of a compromise. What if on the Saturdays of home football games, WSC was a wet campus. It’s college people, and students drink. Not all do, and not all do so irresponsibly, but its an asset to tailgating.
2) Tailgating is not 30 middle aged folks talking under a tent next to the main gate. The tailgating atmosphere originates in the parking lot and the energy is then brought into the stadium at game time. Problem here? What parking lot? We need to open the lots by Rice to fans and students alike to bring their footballs, grills, and coolers. (Students who don’t wanna tailgate can head for lot 10 and park over the weekend… (its desolate out there after lunch on Fridays anyways.)
3) The team is doing pretty well this year, and it shouldn’t be hard to convince people to show up. WSC could really help out with some great promo ideas. (Ex… first 200 students get free WSC FB shirt, dollar hot dogs, “White outs” and “Black outs”. Rice Rowdies, since you guys blow up my FB inbox 3 times a day anyways, expand your coverage to the gridiron and get out there and support.
These may seem like big changes, but if you want to have a chance of changing the apathetic views on weekends in Wayne then work with what is already here. I don’t care if we are D1, D2, or D3 for that matter. It’s football in Nebraska, this shouldn’t be so tough.

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  1. The Liberal Nebraska
    October 16, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Yes, Nebraska loves football, especially College Football. We love the Huskers. Not the WSC Wildcats, but the Huskers. If you can change our brainwashing that begins in the womb to love Nebraska no matter what and to believe we WILL win the BCS every year then maybe some people will start showing up. Oh and the only reason I am online right now is because the game isn’t going so well. But that may be changing so I must log off and get back to the Teebee.

  2. The Good Life Liberal
    October 16, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    See how much we love the Huskers… I was so caught up in the game I got my own moniker wrong. But at least I am not one of those mindless fans that refers to the team as the “skers” or puts “GBR” or another variation as a facebook status for every gameday, but my point remains, until the WSC Wildcats become the U of N Huskers people just won’t show up.

  3. November 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    The bigger issue of “wet” vs “dry” campuses is insurance.

    For example, Doane College is a wet campus. The insurance they pay to remain this way is huge. The reason they are able to pay that insurance is because they charge you $30k a year for tuition.

    Wayne State could become a wet campus, but it would have to drastically raise their tuition. You can’t seem to have both – a cheap education and a wet campus.

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