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Way Back When

There are a few inventions that took the world by storm in what seemed like overnight. Sometimes these things stick around and change our lives, other times, we look back and realize just how worthless they really were.
Until recently, i thought or at least I hoped that the phantom Razor scooter was one of these things. It seemed as though upon leaving middle school the scooter would be banished (Rightly So) to the garage forever.
Apparently, we were mistaken.
These aluminum rockets became legends overnight and are apparently trying to resurface on the campus of WSC. Although at first glance this may seem like a good idea to cruise on campus, let me quickly remind you of a few minor details.
First, these scooters were designed with a small child or adolescent in mind. If the handle bars dont reach your waist, ponder the reasoning behind this.
Second, a crack in the sidewalk or a rogue pebble can take you down in a heartbeat on one of these dream machines. Miniature wheels are functionally just plain stupid. (Im personally waiting to see one ridden in the rock garden between Connell and the Library)
Third, this is WSC people. We aren’t trying to shorten our tedious 20 min. walk to class. I don’t care where you live in town, you can still wake up at 7:45 and make it to class by 8.
Lets be honest with ourselves people, you just look foolish out there. It was a good idea at the time (1999), but that has long come and gone. Just give it up, but if you dont… just give it a couple months. I hear they work even better in January.

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