Rookie Mistakes

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Now this post is directed more towards new students, but the tips in here are necessities for all at WSC. Here are a couple key things to avoid.
8 a.m. classes- The majority of college students do not perform well during classes this early if they can even get their butts out of bed to attend. Professors almost always take attendance at these babies and from experience, its a killer. Also… If you take an early class, you will have an early final, possibly one on a Friday.
If you have ever been on campus on a Friday, it’s desolate. WSC is a major suitcase college and therefore the weekends are dead. Fact…with WSC, the weekend starts on Thursday. Try to schedule accordingly.
Think 10-1. This is the premium scheduling block for classes. The older you get, the better shot you have a scoring a seat in one of these coveted classes. If your an early riser or a night owl you can plan accordingly, but early mornings and nights in class get real old in a hurry. (Side note: Avoid TTH 2 p.m. classes, lets face it… naps will prevail and grades will falter.)
There are tricks of the trade to make it through any college unscathed, these are just a couple to get you started with a leg up on your future days as a Wildcat.


Parallel Parking- How tough is it?

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

If you have ever walked past one of the many side streets near campus or have a dorm room overlooking the street, you will see cars stacked up on the curb. Now most of these spots get filled one at a time in the morning hours, the earlier you come, the closer you park. But… if you have the privilege of a later class you may see an open spot and go for the apparently ever challenging parallel park. This one on one battle between parking space and driver is one that is fought in cities every day, but only in Wayne, America is it so lop sided.
We have never seen more parking issues in our lives than some of the amazing attempts that happen right here in Wayne. Only right here can you see a Ford F350 pull out of a spot only to have someone 12 point park their Dodge Neon. This may seem like an exaggeration, but let me assure you, its not. We have had our laughs for the day all too often watching someone throw their shoulder out from switching between reverse and drive too quickly.
Now even though we give these stunt driving hopefuls a hard time, the ultimate shame rests fully on the shoulders of the quitters. Not only do these drivers struggle for a good 5 minutes, but then they quickly look left and right and drive off.
We thought that this was covered in drivers education and had become a basic skill. Boy were we wrong. But hey… thanks for the live entertainment.

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Thanksgiving… Break?

November 24, 2010 1 comment

I feel that the word break is not in the vocabulary of many WSC professors.
Time that is intended to be spent with family and giving yourself a quick reprieve before a couple weeks of finals cramming has now just turned into extended study time. I realize that as a student, learning is my full time job. This being said, I still feel that if you are given time off of work, this doesn’t mean that you should be punished during that free time.
Sure we all stuff ourselves and watch the Lions lose annually, but other than that, we find ourselves busting out pages upon pages of papers, pouring over text books, and cramming one last time. Wow… nothing like taking your mind off things for a few days huh?
In a few weeks, WSC and colleges across the nation will take part in what is known as “Dead Week.” This week before finals is supposedly free of homework, tests, and in most cases, class. Thats right… you are not supposed to attend classes during this week, but instead be studying for the ever looming final.
WSC apparently isin’t aware of how this works. Class? In session. Homework? most likely. And tests? If your lucky. While most college students are studying and preparing for that last push, we are left with a weekend and whatever time we can squeeze out of our normal schedules.
Just remember… there is no such thing as a break, and “Dead Week?”… not even close.

Humans vs. Zombies

October 26, 2010 1 comment

I can’t believe that this would be an issue on a college campus, but something this pathetic cannot be ignored. Maybe you have witnessed students wandering around campus with white armbands or white headbands or were like us and saw students dueling it out on the front steps of Connell Hall. This is no anti-war protest here… let us break it down for you.
If you are displaying a white armband you are considered a “human” (original right?) and have yet to be touched by a fellow student with a white headband or a “zombie”.
The object of this game is apparently to be the last human left “alive”… (If you don’t count the other 99% of students around you who find this as hilarious as we do.)
If you don’t want to be tagged by a “zombie”, you then must hit them with a wadded up sock to quote “stun them” for 15 min. A zombie must “feed” or tag someone every 48 hrs and the game continues until the last man alive has most likely barricaded themselves into a dorm room for the rest of the semester.
We don’t know which is more disturbing, the fact that someone has put together such an elaborate rules system? Or the fact that 20 something year old college kids are walking to class with a sock in their hand.
We remember kids running around shouting Harry Potter spells at each other was at least entertaining.
Just because Will Smith looked like a bad ass in “I Am Legend” defending the human race, lets be honest… running around with a balled up sock just doesn’t have the same effect. But hey…the student body of WSC thanks you for a good laugh.

Passing on the Right

October 21, 2010 1 comment

So… your walking to class and you get stuck behind a group of people that could be beat in a sprint by a paraplegic.
If your anything like me, this situation is inevitably awkward. If you take a step back, figuratively speaking of course, you are left with several options here.
1) You could really kick in the afterburners and pass these lingerers. (movie reference anyone?) Now you can choose to squeeze around on the left hand side if there are no oncoming pedestrians (or douche bags on scooters) or you could go all out and pass on the grass. I recommend the sidewalk if you don’t want to look like a Frosh trying to make it to the GAG at noon.
2) You settle and follow these stragglers who are bound by destiny to have the exact same destination as you. Enjoy following them from Hahn to the Student Center.
3) You go for the “Squeeze Play”. Even though their ranks are tight, you bust through like a playground game of Red Rover muttering the usual “scuse me” as they bask in your wake.
There is no easy answer to this problem encountered by people on campuses, in malls, and locations around the world. I may not have the solution to the problem, but with these ideas… we gotta be getting closer.

Saturday Game Day

October 16, 2010 3 comments

“Any self-respecting campus gets started (partying for the football game on Saturday) on Thursday night” as heard on ESPN tonight.
We at WSC have no problem partying on Thursday nights, but our reasoning is somewhat different. Saturdays’ on campus are dead. For the homecoming game, there was decent attendance, but the atmosphere associated with a Saturday game is gone. It just doesn’t feel like college football.
There are several issues that I feel lead to this problem.
1) WSC is a dry campus. This rule is incredibly tough to change, but I propose somewhat of a compromise. What if on the Saturdays of home football games, WSC was a wet campus. It’s college people, and students drink. Not all do, and not all do so irresponsibly, but its an asset to tailgating.
2) Tailgating is not 30 middle aged folks talking under a tent next to the main gate. The tailgating atmosphere originates in the parking lot and the energy is then brought into the stadium at game time. Problem here? What parking lot? We need to open the lots by Rice to fans and students alike to bring their footballs, grills, and coolers. (Students who don’t wanna tailgate can head for lot 10 and park over the weekend… (its desolate out there after lunch on Fridays anyways.)
3) The team is doing pretty well this year, and it shouldn’t be hard to convince people to show up. WSC could really help out with some great promo ideas. (Ex… first 200 students get free WSC FB shirt, dollar hot dogs, “White outs” and “Black outs”. Rice Rowdies, since you guys blow up my FB inbox 3 times a day anyways, expand your coverage to the gridiron and get out there and support.
These may seem like big changes, but if you want to have a chance of changing the apathetic views on weekends in Wayne then work with what is already here. I don’t care if we are D1, D2, or D3 for that matter. It’s football in Nebraska, this shouldn’t be so tough.

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Way Back When

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

There are a few inventions that took the world by storm in what seemed like overnight. Sometimes these things stick around and change our lives, other times, we look back and realize just how worthless they really were.
Until recently, i thought or at least I hoped that the phantom Razor scooter was one of these things. It seemed as though upon leaving middle school the scooter would be banished (Rightly So) to the garage forever.
Apparently, we were mistaken.
These aluminum rockets became legends overnight and are apparently trying to resurface on the campus of WSC. Although at first glance this may seem like a good idea to cruise on campus, let me quickly remind you of a few minor details.
First, these scooters were designed with a small child or adolescent in mind. If the handle bars dont reach your waist, ponder the reasoning behind this.
Second, a crack in the sidewalk or a rogue pebble can take you down in a heartbeat on one of these dream machines. Miniature wheels are functionally just plain stupid. (Im personally waiting to see one ridden in the rock garden between Connell and the Library)
Third, this is WSC people. We aren’t trying to shorten our tedious 20 min. walk to class. I don’t care where you live in town, you can still wake up at 7:45 and make it to class by 8.
Lets be honest with ourselves people, you just look foolish out there. It was a good idea at the time (1999), but that has long come and gone. Just give it up, but if you dont… just give it a couple months. I hear they work even better in January.